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In its simplest form a green roof assembly consists of plants, growing medium, a layer of geotextile to prevent medium from leaving the system and a drainage layer placed over a waterproof membrane. The green roof assembly can be installed layer by layer, or pre-assembled in a plastic module and then installed.

Various cultures established breathtaking green roofs thousands of years ago, but green roofing has garnered greater attention and acceptance in North America over the last several decades. Today we have a multitude of options: extensive green roofs can support beautiful plants utilizing as little as 5 cm (2 inches) of growing medium and intensive green roofs can be built to provide new amenity spaces for thousands of visitors or a secluded haven for gardening and relaxation.

Green roofs have a number of benefits, please contact us to discuss the many ways verticiel can beautify your roof.


Benefits of green roofs:

  • It’s conservatively estimated that a green roof can double the life of the roof membrane below it.
  • A green roof reduces energy consumption, insulates and makes a building more energy efficient.
  • Studies have shown that green roofs can hold as much as 90% of precipitation from a summer rain event, minimizing the stormwater burden on local sewer systems.
  • Noise pollution is reduced inside the greened structure.
  • Green living system technology can be used to teach our children about the environment and the future of building technology with fun and interesting experiments.The aesthetic benefits of green roofs are undeniable and recent research has shown investing in a green roof can increase the value of the building.